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Statement of purpose

Working through education and advocacy to promote respect, love and protection for Alaskan wildlife


State overreach into national park lands causes backlash from alaskans

    Proposed national park service rule contrary to alaska values

Big win for iconic wildlife in Alaskan National Preserves

    Much opposition to cruel methods of killing

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HB 105


Fish and game

Board of Game

Intensive management

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Izembek National Wildlife Refuge


How to sign up

Send your name, email, physical address and telephone number to with any comments. We need to know how to get in touch with you and where you are. If you ever want off our list tell us.

Contributions are welcome

  Checks made out to Alaskans for Wildlife may be sent to Alaskans for Wildlife PO Box 81957 Fairbanks AK 99708.

Contact us   907-488-2434

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